I’m graduating! Yay! Lately, I was asked to fill up stuff for the yearbook. Just earlier, I was filling up my achievements the past 4 years. I can’t believe that I have a lot. :O

Okay, this post is not to brag.

I never thought of receiving these achievements. The opportunities just came to me. My perseverance and determination has drove me through out the years. But these particular opportunities and achievements came by. That’s why I would humble express my joy and gratitude when it comes to my achievements. It would take me time to enumerate my achievements I have to say but it is only I who exactly know what I’ve been through in the middle on road of being where I am now. That’s why I would like to be humble when I talk about my achievements and may it inspires others to walk their own paths.

Embrace your achievements but still continue to move forward and to walk your paths. Be humble, always ūüôā


Don’t Judge

Don’t ever judge a person who has gone through rejections, defeats, and failures. Don’t shove it in front of their face, “Oh that person can’t accept failures/defeats/ rejections!” Because it is not easy and it hurts. It takes process to heal from a certain failure, rejection, or defeat. Give that person time. Acknowledge the fact that they still remain strong despite what happened to them.

Embrace your imperfection

I have to say that I have good teeth to the point I don’t have a brace. People will tell me that I’m lucky that I don’t need a brace (for the teeth). I don’t really take long in a dentist appointment because what has to be done is just cleaning. But not everyone knows that though my teeth are in place, I have a not so straight back. Yes, I do have scoliosis. I often get annoyed by the back pain I get every now and then. Also, I have to go to my ortho to have my back monitor every 6 months. I have to have an x ray 6 every months. What a burden on my part! I limit what I carry on my back. I get conscious with my posture.

In my past appointments, I’m said to have mild scoliosis. Recently, my scoliosis is at the borderline from mild and moderate. I’m suppose to wear a brace by now actually. But I don’t need to wear the brace (as of now) for I am 16 turning 17 and I am at the stage of maturity. If I were 12/13, I would really need a brace actually.

The thing with us humans is that, we compare ourselves with others without being aware of one’s own imperfection. I may have good teeth but I have my own imperfection. That’s my scoliosis. I wish I didn’t have scoliosis but as I think about it again, I’m satisfied with my own good feature such as my teeth. Everyday, I am standing tall as if I didn’t scoliosis. As they say, “fake it till you make it”

Embrace your imperfections just like how I embrace my scoliosis for it is not the end of the world.


It feels so nice

My mom met up with her friends. She proudly said the number of involvements I have in and outside school to her friends. Her friends were amazed of how far I’ve reach. I feel so flattered. It just feels so nice that your mom said that to all her friends in front of you. It comes to show how much she has recognized my efforts.

Despite that, I still got to be humble. I may tell you my involvements and achievements anytime but in between getting to where I am, I have moments of setbacks. I did started at the beginning. My will power to continue led me to where I am today. Also, there are so many people who I have to thank. Like those people who saw my potential when I didn’t see it in myself and who had confidence in me when I didn’t. Certain factors pushed me to where I am now. I’ve got to be always humble no matter how far I’ll even go.

What am I on Social Media

The social media I’m active the most is Facebook. That is my first social media account.

I’m on and off Facebook. My purpose of being online is more of being in touch with my friends and family. Since I’m the only child, I ought to talk to someone. I’m the type of person who wants to keep in touch with those I’m close with. I want to tell someone what has happened to me throughout the day.

My other purpose in Facebook is entertainment. I get entertained by the videos & memes online. It is also in Facebook wherein I check the news and read or view something that adds up to my knowledge.

Growing up, I’ve realized that I must be mature in how I use my Facebook account especially with what I post. I have to consider the hundreds of fb friends who could probably see my post.

What I’ve been sharing in Facebook (to my fb friends in general) are eye-opener and relatable¬†content. But¬†I can freely share relatable and funny memes or videos¬†among my close friends. ¬†There is a privacy setting for a reason. I can’t just post whatever in my timeline because of the hundreds of different people¬†who could probably see it.

The other social media account I’m active in is Instagram.

It is fascinating that I can be creative with my pictures with this site. But the thing is, Instagram has actually made me insecure of other’s vacations and comfortable lives.¬†It’s the rich kids who are getting public attention. I get insecure with other people’s feed that are HD. But if I think again, I’m not here to get public attention, I’m here to share whatever captures I have regardless of the likes and the followers I get. I don’t have to be like those rich kids. I just got to be me in my feed. I’m proud of the simplicity of my feed.

In all honesty, I don’t really edit my pictures. I edit a bit with the lighting then that’s it.

I’m proud to say that I got IG when I was 15 turning 16 not when I was younger. I’m smarter on the content I’ll post.


I don’t have twitter. I’d rather not. I don’t want to get involved in any fights online and I don’t want to read mean stuff. I’m aware of the cyberbullying in twitter. I know it could be in other accounts but it is in twitter when things get heated up.

So, I want to end this post with a message. Be wise with your social media accounts and be you online. Don’t do things for the sake for popularity. Don’t let whatever you see/ the trend is in social media dictate what you should be and do. Also, if ever you are with your family or friends, don’t be so drawn on your social media. Pause and spend every moment with them. Don’t miss your chance of actually being with them. Spend more time to what is actually in front of you than what is in front of your screen. There are more important things in life than your social media.


Why I don’t post so much on Social Media

So, you all know of someone who consistently post whatever on their social media accounts. I am not one of them.

There are moments I want to share to people (through pictures most especially) like I having a good time with my family, or I achieving something.

I think before I click considering the many people who can see my move online.

As much as possible, I want to be humble and genuine in what I post. I’m not highly seeking people’s attention. I make a certain post because I want to share to people this particular moment in my life. It’s fine with me if I don’t get so much likes. My post doesn’t have to notice by all. But I really appreciate the likes. ūüôā I don’t have to post every since time.

I’m not the type of person who goes, “OMG I have to take this picture so that I can have something to post in Facebook, Instagram!”

I don’t take selfies to be posted online. But I take selfies with my friends because I want to capture that moment of being with them. I don’t really post the selfies with them to be posted to the public, I can just send the pics to¬†them.

Whenever I achieve something like a medal, I let my parents post it in my behalf. I don’t want to brag and think I’m up there. I want to express my¬†joy of that certain achievement. Once again, not everyone has to know. If they know about it, then¬†okay. If¬†they don’t, it’s still okay.¬†My purpose is not for the¬†recognition and for the people to tell me, “Oh you’re good!” “Congrats!”¬†¬†I appreciate it though but I know I’m good in enough.

I’m not a public seeker to the point I post every single thing. I want to humble with my life. I want to keep whatever I post as genuine as possible and not to boost my ego online.

Think before you click!

What’s with my body?

Often am I complimented for my physique, particularly certain parts of my body. People compliments for my boobs, butt, dimples, teeth, hair, skin, eyelashes, and etc. People tell me I’m blessed. I embrace the good parts of my body. But seriously, I see these parts just a part of my one entire body. When people compare their boobs to mine, it seems like it is a big deal. Okay okay, I fit the status quo’s standards of an ideal body. But to me, what even? Their is this consciousness about bodies. You have to have the curves to fit into the standards. There is this ideal sexy. Again, what even? I thank those who complimented me but we should not dwell to much to fit into those standards. There are more important things than about fitting in the ideal sexy such as raising your voice and taking action when it comes to social issues. It would be better if the people would maximize their potential than to make a fuss about their physical appearance. And, your bodies shouldn’t be a measure of one’s confidence. What I mean by that, if you don’t really fit into that standard, your confidence goes down. No, that shouldn’t be the case. Be confident in your own being no matter how your bodies are shaped.

Being on Last Year is harder than I thought

So far I made 2 post in the past regarding graduating soon.

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To my post proper

My goal at the beginning of the school year is to make the most of my senior year. I am more active in school activities. I have more credentials for my yearbook for this year than last year. I am now hanging on unto my grade. I recently got my report card. It is not that bad but I know I can do more. 4 more months and I will be graduating. As time is getting faster, it hurts more to hear people asking, “Are you transferring/ staying?” It hurts because I’ve been used to these people (especially those I’ve been classmates quite sometime). Annoying, yes, but they have become part of my life. There are those people who would say “Hi!” to me in school, by next year, I wouldn’t be getting these “HI(s)!” from people I meet so often. Honestly, I am not enjoying my Senior year as much because there is the future to think of. Tough decisions are to be made. I have huge attachments to those people around me and what has become a part of me in my current school. Throughout high school, I’ve met so many people and get to know a number of them. What makes this situation more worse, I never transferred to another school. I know, I have stated in my previous post my desire to transfer but I am not ready of what might happen.

I recently got my NCAE results. It comes to show I am really for Humss (Humanities and Social Sciences). I agree to the results and I am for it. But I have classmates who are still uncertain on what they want. I know what I am taking but I am not ready for the new life later on.

Everything is happening all of a sudden. How am I suppose to face all this?

Help me Lord!



I haven’t posted in a very long time. I have been very busy. Despite the hectic schedule I am now facing, I am have been deep in thoughts with my life. Considering now 2017 is about to end.

I’ll enumerate moments I’ve been strong. I have to recognize the strength I had in facing the odds.

  • Losing my grandfather during intramural.
  • Celebrating my birthday before Periodical Test
  • Maintaining a social life, organizations and academics.
  • Going home late everyday yet still manages to get things done. Even before classmates who gets home earlier than I do.
  • Stepping out from being a shy and reserve person who is now taking part in school activities an initiating action within a group.
  • Overcame depression
  • Not giving up when there are those who quit! Result: certain dreams and goals became a reality.
  • Once being the only one in the clique who in my section.
  • Overcame moments of being sick
  • Overcame the fear of public speaking
  • Slowly overcame the weakness of being tense
  • Not allowing scoliosis and anemia stop me
  • Dares not to hold back her talents after being doubtful of it in the past
  • Dealt rejection in some of the things I signed up for.
  • Passing a subject I nearly failed.
  • Pretend that whatever people back bites about me was nothing.
  • Smiling despite wanting to blow up inside due to stress.
  • Standing up for somebody who people were against.

and many more…

I know I’ve been so preoccupied lately but these moments gave a reason not to give up on what I am facing now. If I overcame the odds in the past, why not now as well? #fighting

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have a meaningful one! ūüôā

If it weren’t for you

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be

..what I am and where I am now. contented with my life a happy disposition


..seeing the potential I have

..stronger and wiser

Withou¬† you knowing, you’ve changed me

Every encounter means a lot to me. Even when our days could be gray.

I am happy to have you around.

You’ve been a witness to everything I’ve been through. The good and the bad.

We’ve shared the victories and defeat together. The laughter and the dumbfoundness as well.

I don’t exactly know what you think of me. But if I were to tell you, you mean so much to me. If only I have to guts to say I love you. But I know my everyday care and help for you explains my love for you.

I see you more than a friend. I’ve got to know you personally. I never had that kind of bond with someone else. I am more open to you than other people.

I know later in life, we will go seperate ways. But no matter what, I am grateful for having you in my life.

I just want to know how proud I am of you. How you’ve overcome the odds. I have been your witness too.

People has said things about you, but these people aren’t aware what you’ve been through. It won’t change how I see you because I know you more than them. And I know how much you are working on your weaknesses.

I too have weakness. But you made me feel that you saw the good in me despite weaknesses and doubts I have.

You’ve been always there. I am so grateful and blessed.

You gave me a push on whatever I am pursueing. No joke!

I pray that we will still be very good friends, even if we will have our own seperate lives.




Regaining the Confidence once lost

At some point in my life, I lost my confidence.

My lowest point in my life was two years ago. I had depression. My family was a mess. Bad things were consecutively happening to me. It was the darkest of my days. I was so negative. I was still figuring myself.

Thank God, I was able to get out from that! It wasn’t easy.

But how?

“When there is darkness, there comes the light”

It was actually in my lowest point when I found out who were my friends. I realized, despite everything, I was loved. It was through encouraging people wherein I found hope. They are my stepping stone from God. Certain people tell me often certain attributes that I have and that should be my everyday reminder to myself. Word such as ‘kind’, ‘helpful’, ‘friendly’, ‘smart’, ‘responsible’, ‘hardworking’, ‘talented’, ‘courageous’ I got my confidence from that. People saw the good in me more than myself. Therefore, I should start believing in myself.

Always whenever I’m down, there are those who were there to listen me/ shoulder me, who let me cry it all out.

Speaking about my family, there was so much misunderstanding on our dealing with one another. I really express my grudges to my family. It wasn’t easy. Later, the conflict was resolve. We are more kinder to one another at home.

Around this time, I started playing the ukulele. I’d strum and sing my heart out. This was a big factor on getting out of my sadness inside. Music did relieve the pain I felt inside.

Everyday, is a journey knowing yourself. Know yourself so that you would be vulnerable to those who goes against you, because you know where you stand.

My classmate told me that there those who talk behind my back but I don’t seem to care, and that she got to ignore them rather than scream at them.¬†I later learned not to care what others say. These people don’t know me than how I know myself.

I’ve learned not to hold myself back no more. To make the most of every opporutnity. To have a smile in my face even though the situation don’t call for it. To be positive despite how things are exhausting. My struggles led me to not lose hope. To keep on fighting. That it isn’t the end.

Everyday, our confidence is challenged. You maybe werent as confident as the other day. But, keep your feet on the ground. You can surpass whatever struggle you are facing.

Just keep on fighting because you will never know where life takes you.

I now get why I am so ambitious

I do have dreams but I am not exactly sure on what I want in life. One thing for sure, I want to make it far and make the most of what I was designed to be.

I seriously take my academics and my extracurricular. Unlike others out there, they don’t care or they are unsure with their life.

So how did I become to ambitious?

It started with my family background. My parents didn’t come from a well off family but then it was their perseverance that led to where they are now. They’ve been touching lives out there with their story. Fun fact, both my parents are scholars and achievers. I get so much motivation at the same time pressure from that. Motivation, for me to work hard on what I am doing; Pressure, for people expects me to be smart like them. That I am the combination of their brains. I can’t fail them when it comes to academics.

My classmate admitted to me that she envy me for I know what I want to be. I want to be a lawyer for my interest lies under it and I would want to help people. I guess I discovered what I want early.

I was told that was being talked trashed. You know what it hurts, but now I don’t care anymore for I’ve become bulletproof from the hell (that people don’t know entirely) I’ve been through. I know where stand. I know who I am. These people don’t know me and my story. These people probably don’t know that I am saving everyone’s ass (in my section specifically and among close friends). How could they be talking trash about someone who have been achieving so much already. (they probably they don’t know for I’m humble about it).

Point out my flaw, the way I act that maybe odd, or whatever trash about me, or the more you’ll see me far in life. Farther than you. And I’m sorry for not being perfect.

Okay I maybe different/ act differently from my peers because of my background but I don’t care to be different because it makes me who I am. I embrace where I came from. And I know that I’m to influence people out there.

It’s because of my background that I take responsibilities likened to an adult. It came to me that I am a try hard or that I over do things. You know what, I know myself as hardworking and that’s that. I see my parents working so hard especially my mom.¬† Their hardwork makes me guilty to be laxed because it will totally be unfair on their part. So I strive hard when it comes to school and my responsibilities as a daughter. Unlike some people out there who don’t seem to care at all. At the same time, I am learning from my mistakes everyday.

I was told by teacher that unlike my classmates, I don’t take things for granted because I see the importance of things. For they come from comfortable lives, they aren’t that appreciative.

All they are good at is talking trash about others. [P.S. I don’t mean all people are like this… but existence of these people is frustrating]

So don’t ever mess with me! You are messing with the wrong person.

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