Inspired by my own survival

In school, we were asked to run how many laps around the field at the same time sing songs we were asked to sing. It had to be done under the heat of the sun.

Oh by the way, this is for CAT, a military training program in school.

If you can’t endure the running or you feel like fainting, you may pull out and a medic will attend to you.

I honestly wanted to pull out, I was running out of breath but I made it till the end. Plus I’m anemic but that didn’t stop me. I’m not supposed to be under the sun for so long. Less than half of the girls survived. I’m one of the survivors.

My friends congratulated me for surviving and not giving up. This friend of mine said that he is proud of me because I didn’t pull out despite being anemic. I once told him that I am anemic and he mentioned that I made it unlike those who don’t have a medical condition but pulled out.☺ I’m so touched!!

I feel inspired by my own bravery. It made me think that if I can survived running under the heat of the sun, I can survive other things as well.

Don’t give up 💪


“Grades don’t necessarily matter. You fail at some point in your life. What matters is the hard work you put in what you are doing despite the likeliness of you failing. I think that is where our fear begin, FAILURE. We fear failure to the point that we beat ourselves once we fail. It’s okay to fail. We all do. No one is perfect. Just keep moving forward. You have the right to be disappointed and frustrated. Don’t just give up. Giving up shouldn’t be in your dictionary.”

I’ve got to let you be on your own

I have classmates who usually go to me when they need help in their studies/ school work. It is nice to think that you are the go to person who these people and that they trust you and there is something that you can do to help out. Oh well, this is what I get for being responsible. I became someone who another can depend on. I understand that we need each other but we’ve must learn how to be on our own. To my classmates who I consistently help, I’m willing to help you. But if it requires you to be own your own, to face the consequence of your own actions, I’ve got to let you be on your own. Be independent over your own selves because I have a personal life I have to look after as well. It’s not all the time that I can help you, so you better learn how to help yourself.

Don’t pass your requirements late

When I was in grade 4, I was about 10 years old that time, I went to the mall with my mom, specifically the school supplies area because I was buying stuff for a project. My mom and I bumped into her students.

My mom asked, “Why are you here?” (Let me rephrase that. She meant what was their purpose in the mall) Then they replied that they were buying stuff for a project in my mom’s subject. The project was already overdue.

It was embarrassing because I was there when it happened and I was only 10. They were buying stuff for a late project of my mom’s subject and my mom caught them. So embarrassing.

So (kids), “Don’t pass your requirements late or else!” 😂😂

School – related Q&A

I’ve been off at some point because I’ve been busy in school. So, I would like to make a post related to this matter. It will be a q&a about my school life.

  1. What was your favorite subject at school? Why? – Social Studies and I just don’t know why. I am just so into it.
  2. What do you and your friends do during your lunch break? – Eat lunch of course. We also chat with each other. We also cram.
  3. Did you get a lot of homework? Do you think it helped you learn? – Yes. It helped me learn how to manage my time and stress.
  4. Are you allowed to eat in the classrooms?- No but some of my classmates are rebels
  5. Have you ever slept in class?- Yes but not during discussion of the teacher. Only free time when I can.
  6. What is your best memory from junior high school? – A lot. Generally those stupid days in class and with my friends.
  7. How often do you have exams? – Almost every time
  8. Describe your perfect teacher. – A teacher who knows what she/ he is doing at the same time considerate
  9. Do you get annoyed by your classmates? – Yes because they are so loud but actually they are really fun
  10. Do you cheat an exam? – No never. I am such a good student.
  11. Do you hold any position in school? – class monitor
  12. What is something that is being asked from you in school, that you dislike? – Being asked to memorize tons of useless stuff
  13. Do you procrastinate? – At times yes. But it isn’t and shouldn’t be an everyday thing.
  14. Do you pull an all nighter just to study – When I have to
  15. How do you feel/react when you get a bad grade? – I tell myself that I could have done better
  16. Have you ever skipped classes? – No.
  17. What is your goal in school? – Good grades and to actually make it through.
  18. How do you deal with stress in school? – listen to music
  19. What are you to your classmates? – the responsible one
  20. Something you hate about school? – waking up early

Okay that’s it for now. I may add up later in the future.

My Parents has always been forgiving when it comes to grade

There are parents who really scold their child if they get a bad grade. But with my parent’s they don’t. They don’t pressure me to be in honors. But it is pressuring because they academically excelled. My dad was a cum laude while my mom was nearly a cum laude by one point. I’m expected by people to be the product of their brains combined. I can’t be a disgrace to my parents who are great achievers. I want to be an achiever just like them so as early as late elementary and early high school, I started to be involved in so many things and work hard in my academics.

I honestly let my dad sign the result of an exam wherein I get a low grade because he just signs it and tells me to do better next time. As for my mom, she is a teacher so she gets the grading system so it wouldn’t be a really good move to make her sign my exam results. It is my mom who pushes me to better especially that time I nearly failed in Math in 8th grade.

My dad told me that in he didn’t exactly got the best grades in his earlier day in school. But he rose up starting from grade 9 up to his college days. That story inspires me. It’s okay not to have a good start. It is more meaningful if you rose up from a bad grade and you eventually got up.

Whenever I have bad grades, I beat myself up. It is not because my parents would get mad at me. It is because I know I could have done more and it doesn’t have to do with not being smart. I believe I’m smart and capable. Also my parent’s effort to support my education is more than I could ever ask.

I really appreciate my parents for being forgiving me when it comes to my grades. I’ve learned to rise up and persevere from a bad grade. Not just when it comes to grades, but in life in general.

It’s okay if you don’t top your classmate. Be at the top of your current self. Learn and improve each day.

Lastly, to parent’s be understanding towards your child’s grade. They’ve been working so hard. Acknowledge their effort despite how hard it is.

School is hell but I have to get through it.

Speaking of grades

Strive for excellence not perfection. I don’t really stress myself about getting perfect in all exams. I’m an imperfect person in the very first place. I care about doing my part as student and doing my best. I still want to learn in the long run. Not on what is in the textbook alone. I would want to to learn life lessons that will make me an open person. I care about learning more than the grades. Because grades don’t necessary define how smart you are. You don’t come to school to be on top of your classmates. You come to school to learn applicable lessons (not all lessons may seem applicable, but still) that will not make you an ignorant and close minded person in this planet. There are so many ignorant and close minded people in this world but one’s education will surely make a difference. Study hard no matter what.

I wrote this when I was fighting for my grades

Life Choices

I want to be a lawyer. I want to help out people legally. Also, Social Studies is my most favorite subject despite how much my teacher fails me and everyone else in class. I’m an opinionated person myself.

16 turning 17. I’m near to the stage of adulthood. I’ve got to think about my life choice. Same to goes to those people my age.

I want to take Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). That is where my interest aligns. It was also shown in one of my career test that I took.

I’m also thinking about what college degree I’ll be taking.

I thought of taking Political Science, Journalism, Psychology.

I guess Political Science will be my main. I really want to take PolSci. I really want to explain social-political issues to people out there. I’m not pro about politics. That’s why I want to know in depth. I also want to do something socially for the world.

*sigh* Life choices.

I’ve got to enjoy my life as a teen & a highschool student as I reach for my goals later on in life.


Graduating Feels

I can’t believe that I will graduate soon. The idea excites me and scares me at the same time. I’m excited to receive the rewards of my hardwork. I’m scared of what will happen next. I’m scared of what will happen to me as I survive the year. I’m scared to transfer to another school because never in my life did I transfer. I have thoughts of transferring from the school I’ve been studying in for 10+ years.

My goal for this year above all is to be more discipline and focus. To be more offline/less online. I’m happy that I am doing that. And also to be more active in school. I’ve got to make the most of this year.

As much as I want to leave the school I am in, I’m not ready to say goodbye to those people I’ve been close to. This isn’t an easy thing but this is part of life. I knew that day, of saying goodbye will come.

*sigh* 😔

When the students are late: “Why are you late? When the teacher is late: “Sorry. I’m late.”  😒

Exams that you didn’t really study, you passed. Exams that made we spend the wee hours awake, you failed. 😂😂

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