POEMS: means of letting it out

Never did I make poems consistently in the past. I guess it’s because, as of the moment, it feels heavy inside.

Life Update: I recently graduated junior highschool. I am proceding senior high in a new school soon. Before I left off my alma matter, I carried feelings of: guilt, anger, sadness, depression, and the like. In short, it didn’t end well. I left school with memories of bad experiences. Even though months have already past, I feel traumatize. My adviser would always say, “Cherish your moments being together because you will all go to different universities.” What happened, for my last year, I felt that I longer belong there and it was about time to leave soon. I hated the negative vibe I was feeling from the people around me. I always say, “I want to leave.” I came across quotes saying, “If you are in a place that is no longer beneficial to you, leave.” Despite that, I was torned between saying goodbye to friends and following what my heart desires. I made the hardest decision in my life: Transferring (in order to start again) in the expense of friends.

My days have been so tough. Early this year, everything was falling apart. But as they say, after a storm comes a rainbow. Receiving the news that I got in the university I applied to, everything is going back in place. I realize that, prior my struggles, God is redirecting somewhere according to his plan.

I tell you, the process isn’t easy. The road to adulting isn’t easy but it really is time to grow up. And that’s why I decided to make a proper compilation of my poems in wattpad, to let it all out. And I believe, people, like you, can relate to my poems. Please do check it out. 😊


Writing poems allowed me to let it out. As well as talking to trusted friends in this transition.

We all have bad days and have our moments of being lost. It makes us humans after all. You just have to let it out properly and not allow the negativity in your life destroy you. Yes, I just came from a hard past and it really hurts even until now. But I am stronger now than my foolish junior high self. So, see you soon senior high!


POEM// I am almost there

I am almost there

Living my prayer

It’s been a long wait

Soon to face my fate

I am holding on

Things cannot go wrong

The preparation

I shall never waste



POEM// Thoughts toward my goals

Knowing something great is coming

The pressure I don’t want to feel

Setting aside the negativity

Thinking of possibilities of achieving it

Being hard on myself I shouldn’t

Seizing the moment I ought to do

It’s the learning experience I’m after

Don’t care what has to be said by you

Doing this for myself

I hope you don’t mind


Just too soon

Said my goodbye on that afternoon

A new chapter has just begun

The good old days are done


Entering this stage all of a sudden

Overthinking has flood in

Plans I already had

The opportunity cost makes me sad


I made my decision

To a place I envision

Choosing on my vocation

Calls for a separation


There are faces I’ll surely miss

Going for my dreams I can’t dismiss

It’s time to let go

Allowing myself to grow


I want to do better

Knowing I could be greater

All those mistakes I’ve made

Is bringing me to such shade


The past is over

Still can’t get over

The wrong can be made right

Always living in so much fright


Can’t forgive myself

How do you remember one’s self?

It is not the end

Healing of the soul, I recommend.

POEM// My own feelings I can’t interpret

It is true, I’ve bottled it in

My life is likened to a trash bin

I’ve always wanted to tell you

Days has been so blue


I didn’t mean to keep it a secret

My own feelings I can’t interpret

Words can’t translate it all

Tears allow itself to fall


It doesn’t mean you are not to trust

Elements triggered me to combust

Sorry for not being so open

Inside I am so broken


This is a poem about I not being so open to my friends with what was going on my life. They even noticed the angst in my face. I’ve always wanted to open up (about how chaotic my life has been) but things were not right at the moment. It is hard to express once things gets heavier each day. At least, they understood me and were still there.

I am good now. πŸ™‚ no worries



POEM// You are there but my eyes can’t see

Why are you always in my dreams?

It’s haunting me as it seems

What is this telling me?

It’s like you are there but my eyes can’t see


I had to flee

But the thought of you isn’t setting me free

I still sense the connection

Even though I am going a different direction


You’ll always be in my heart

Even though we are far apart

Never forget the memories made

Together with the lessons, will never fade

POEM// Forget

Wanting to forget

Searching for an outlet

The pain and struggle

I wish it didn’t cause me trouble


Can’t pretend it was all nothing

My soul has been crushing

They say “forgive and forget”

But I’m living in such regret


Hard on myself I’ve always been

Where do I even begin?

The peace and quiet I’m longing

The noise ain’t stopping



POEM// A Life With A Dream

Thinking about the days that past

Realizing I’m getting old so fast

Getting farther than I thought

Looking forward to what has to be sought


Attempted to try

Struggled and cry

Failed in the process

Continued to progress


That’s what my life has been

A life that hasn’t been so clean

Perfect life is what I dream

But life disasters has gone extreme


My dream I want to achieve

And that I believe

Tensions I have to face

Before I finish this race

POEM// No humor in rumor

Fake rumor

Recently a victim

Was that even a humor?

Why am I living in this system?


Just asked,

Is what their saying true?

Hearing so was such a nast

To my heart, that became a flu


I can’t deny

I am hurt

Tears came out from my eye

My image I shall assert


What did I do?

Their lives I did not mind

It spread out of the blue

They are just so unkind


They don’t know what is true

Best at telling lies

Don’t know what I’ve been through

More than enough are the cries


Inside I did become hopeless

Later realized I’m not alone

I still feel so bless

Support was flown


I know where I stand

I’m stronger than the storm

I’ll get life’s upper hand

My dignity will never be deform



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