Sexy/Hot; Not a Compliment

I would really want to point out what my teacher said in class.

Girls, if ever someone tell you that you are sexy/ hot, don’t take it as a compliment.

Yes to that! I just feel weirded out. Girls out there, don’t you feel the same?

Whether there is the intention or not, that’s already a form of sexual harassment.

Never in my life did I feel comfortable being told sexy even though the other person wants to ideally get my body figure. Never did I think that the curves for an ideal body is a thing. That others would want it.

Never was hot/sexy a compliment.




Breaking into the stereotype

I see myself as a girl. But a simple girl. Certain stereotype towards girls, I don’t fit into. I’ll enumerate below. I’m making this article because I’m so bothered by how society are to stereotypical for gender expectations.

  • Women don’t play sports/ do physical stuff Well excuse me. I’ve recently been promoted to black belt. in taekwondo.
  • Women has to be prim and proper – I’m not exactly so
  • Women are fashionistas and shopaholic – I am not. I shop for clothes when I outgrow my clothes or I need to buy I prescribe attire. I just wear simple clothes.
  • Women are into makeup – I’m not. I don’t put on makeup unless special occasions.
  • Women do not have technical skills and are not good at “hands on” projects  – Hey! I am a computer person. Also, due to my dad’s (who is an engineer) influence.
  • Women are organized – I’m not the most organized person in this world
  • Women are weakling – No way! I’m aggressive in sparring in taekwondo. I can do push ups, curl ups, planking, and etc. I’m not of zip lines and such as well.
  • Women expects to be treated like a princess – No. I’m a strong and independent women who needs no men. But I appreciate those men are being a gentlemen.

I mean, why can’t we express who we are regardless of our gender. The reason why we aren’t free is because of what society dictates to us. “You have to be like this/ that because you are a girl/boy.” Ugh! Please stop the judgement. Please stop being stereotypical. Let a person be!

I am what I am and I don’t have to fit into these stereotype. I’ve just got to be me.

Emma Watson & Feminism

For the love of Emma Watson and her advocacy towards Feminism, below is a gallery of her notable quotes

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Emma, you are a gift for humanity. I know there are so many closed minded people out there. Thank you for being a public figure who represents those of us who support feminism for the sake of humanity. I can relate to you because I am so disturbed about gender stereotype around and it doesn’t make one free of their person because of the pressure of status quo.

Previous article about my personal view on Feminism:

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