Settling Family Dispute

A family is never perfect. No matter how much one would post about their happy moments with their families online. Within a family, there will always be a conflict and misunderstanding.

Okay, years before, my family was so chaotic. Everyone was being mad at each other. The temper within the house was heated up. So many times I’ve cried because we weren’t ideally a family at that time. I had depression because of my past family dispute and my confidence when down.

My parent’s form of discipline is not what I ideally want. They would shout at me just to get a simple thing done. I would say in a bossy manner. At times, I’ve just got to understand them because they could stress at work but at certain points it went to much. If I did something, they will make me horribly feel bad about it. They would tell me that I’m irresponsible, lazy, stupid, idiot. Don’t you know how discouraging those words are? Because of the happenings at home, I become tense over simple things outside. I really have this fear of being scolded.

This is not the only thing that brought me down within the family. There are a lot more I have to say but I won’t share it here.

The problem within my family I have to say is our temper. We fail to express ourselves in a healthy form of communication. To the point fights are often made.

Do you know what I did? I tried to address that concern to my parents. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t act like all the bad happenings within the family was nothing. It really did affected me. I even made letters because it seemed impossible to have my voice be heard. I didn’t give up on my family because they will always be my family.

So if ever you have disputes within your family, address them. Don’t act like it was nothing. Don’t ever let the dispute continue. Get out from that hell by addressing them even if it was impossible at first.

Within my family now, we are respectful to each other. We laugh more now and no shouting has happened. I am more open to my parents now.

No family is perfect but your family will always be your family.



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