I’m being shipped ðŸ˜³

I don’t know what to feel. I’ve been currently shipped with this classmate of mine. It’s weird because I actually have a crush on this classmate for 3 years and I haven’t actually admitted to anyone. But I have a long term suspicion that he likes me back (Well not to be assuming). He keeps going near me. Not in stalking way but like in a manner as a friend. I actually go to him as well because he is a person who I can talk to. I have to say that we are close friends (hmm define close). Let me rephrase that, through out the years, we really got to know each other. We’ve been there for each other in moments in defeat and doubt particularly in school.

It just feels weird because we are being shipped just now. I guess it was the friendship that was developed that people saw. I just don’t know.

We were asked to do this dare.

I was dared to tap a guy classmate who I find cute. The rest of my classmates told me to just tap my classmate who I am shipped with. And yes I tapped him. Then I had to ask someone, “Do you love me?” My classmates told to just ask him. Then he said, “Yes.” 😳😳 I can’t believe that happened.

My classmates keeps on teasing us. I don’t wanna take it seriously. As much as possible, ignore.

My close friends are also teasing me. Why ship us?

I don’t want us to be a couple though. I am aware that couples has been formed among my peers but I don’t want to rush. As of now, I would want us to be good friends and to get to know each other more. I’m aware of the dramas within a relationship. I don’t want to rush and let things be. That’s why I got bothered when the teasing of my classmates went to far in a way.

I don’t want to loose my focus and my discipline just because of this guy. Studies first!

But seriously, I like this guy. I see myself in him. 3 years ago, I guess he was the one who became friends to me than I to him. I have to say that he’s the only guy friend who I have developed a genuine friendship with. He knows me more than the other guys out there. I’ve been in my worse in the past 3 years but he was still there. He saw what I am capable of when I wasn’t the most confident person. His compliments has a huge impact to my confidence right now. I believe God had a reason why we cross paths. No matter what happens, I will always be grateful that he came into my life.


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