Perks of Being an Only Child

I’m supposed to have a sibling, may it be a boy or a girl, but it died inside my mother’s womb. I’m going to tell what is like to be an only child based on my very own experience.

  1. You are alone most of the time. You already got you used to it.
  2. People ask you if you are spoiled. Not all only child are spoiled. It really depends on how you are raised. 😌😒
  3. People who don’t really go along with their siblings will tell you that you are lucky
  4. Your parents attention is on you and you alone because you are the only one.
  5. People will ask if you want to have a sibling. Of course I do.
  6. Your cousins or very close friends are like your siblings.
  7. You feel like an older sister if you babysit your younger cousins
  8. People will ask your parents why don’t you make another child.
  9. You are used to relying on yourself
  10. You are told a lot of times by your parents to be independent because you are the only one and you can’t just rely on them, especially if they get older.
  11. You would want to get  your parents attention when they are so busy.
  12. You get frustrated if you are inside the house most of the time.
  13. You are yearning to be with cousins or close friends
  14. You talk a lot to yourself
  15. You will feel OP when your friends/cousins open up about their sibling issues
  16. You often join adult talk
  17. National Sibling Day isn’t for you 😛
  18. Your entire house is like a hall of fame of you. Your picture, medals, and such are displayed everywhere.
  19. If something happened, you are to be blamed.
  20. Social awkwardness. Ugh! 😒
  21. You like it if your older cousin/ friend treats you like a younger sister
  22. You have no one to compete with
  23. You turn out to be the responsible one. Well, it also depends on how you were raised.

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