My Parents has always been forgiving when it comes to grade

There are parents who really scold their child if they get a bad grade. But with my parent’s they don’t. They don’t pressure me to be in honors. But it is pressuring because they academically excelled. My dad was a cum laude while my mom was nearly a cum laude by one point. I’m expected by people to be the product of their brains combined. I can’t be a disgrace to my parents who are great achievers. I want to be an achiever just like them so as early as late elementary and early high school, I started to be involved in so many things and work hard in my academics.

I honestly let my dad sign the result of an exam wherein I get a low grade because he just signs it and tells me to do better next time. As for my mom, she is a teacher so she gets the grading system so it wouldn’t be a really good move to make her sign my exam results. It is my mom who pushes me to better especially that time I nearly failed in Math in 8th grade.

My dad told me that in he didn’t exactly got the best grades in his earlier day in school. But he rose up starting from grade 9 up to his college days. That story inspires me. It’s okay not to have a good start. It is more meaningful if you rose up from a bad grade and you eventually got up.

Whenever I have bad grades, I beat myself up. It is not because my parents would get mad at me. It is because I know I could have done more and it doesn’t have to do with not being smart. I believe I’m smart and capable. Also my parent’s effort to support my education is more than I could ever ask.

I really appreciate my parents for being forgiving me when it comes to my grades. I’ve learned to rise up and persevere from a bad grade. Not just when it comes to grades, but in life in general.

It’s okay if you don’t top your classmate. Be at the top of your current self. Learn and improve each day.

Lastly, to parent’s be understanding towards your child’s grade. They’ve been working so hard. Acknowledge their effort despite how hard it is.

School is hell but I have to get through it.


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