Speaking of grades

Strive for excellence not perfection. I don’t really stress myself about getting perfect in all exams. I’m an imperfect person in the very first place. I care about doing my part as student and doing my best. I still want to learn in the long run. Not on what is in the textbook alone. I would want to to learn life lessons that will make me an open person. I care about learning more than the grades. Because grades don’t necessary define how smart you are. You don’t come to school to be on top of your classmates. You come to school to learn applicable lessons (not all lessons may seem applicable, but still) that will not make you an ignorant and close minded person in this planet. There are so many ignorant and close minded people in this world but one’s education will surely make a difference. Study hard no matter what.

I wrote this when I was fighting for my grades


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