Embrace your imperfection

I have to say that I have good teeth to the point I don’t have a brace. People will tell me that I’m lucky that I don’t need a brace (for the teeth). I don’t really take long in a dentist appointment because what has to be done is just cleaning. But not everyone knows that though my teeth are in place, I have a not so straight back. Yes, I do have scoliosis. I often get annoyed by the back pain I get every now and then. Also, I have to go to my ortho to have my back monitor every 6 months. I have to have an x ray 6 every months. What a burden on my part! I limit what I carry on my back. I get conscious with my posture.

In my past appointments, I’m said to have mild scoliosis. Recently, my scoliosis is at the borderline from mild and moderate. I’m suppose to wear a brace by now actually. But I don’t need to wear the brace (as of now) for I am 16 turning 17 and I am at the stage of maturity. If I were 12/13, I would really need a brace actually.

The thing with us humans is that, we compare ourselves with others without being aware of one’s own imperfection. I may have good teeth but I have my own imperfection. That’s my scoliosis. I wish I didn’t have scoliosis but as I think about it again, I’m satisfied with my own good feature such as my teeth. Everyday, I am standing tall as if I didn’t scoliosis. As they say, “fake it till you make it”

Embrace your imperfections just like how I embrace my scoliosis for it is not the end of the world.



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