Living a simple life despite being surrounded with popular /rich/ cool kids.

I grew up studying in a high standard school (as people sees it). So of course, there are the so called popular/ rich kids in it.

I study there because though I am not the richest my parents can afford the tuiton fee there and it so happened that the popular/ rich kids do exist in the school.

I grew up facing peer pressure, especially in terms of social status. My schoolmates are mostly sons/ daughters of business man, lawyers, doctors. Their houses are likely to an interior of a high class hotel. And their clothes are from highly expensive stores such as forever 21, uniqlo, H&M, and etc. Their phones are the lastest iphone. Their wallets are much more thicker than mine. Plus, they can just go to starbucks anytime and post their drink in their instagram. They have drivers who are always availaible to bring them to wherever they like. Their cars are the SUVs and vans (mostly Hiace). They have maids who can do things for them. They often go abroad as well.

While I am a daughter of an engineer and a teacher. But hey, being a daughter of a teacher and an engineer is amazing and advantageous as well. I live in an apartment. I am just okay because I have a home to live in. I don’t shop for clothes often. (You can see if you’ve been reading my blogs). But if I do, I go to a department store and buy the ones with an affordable & worth it price. My phone is a third hand iphone 4. I had this phone since 2013 and I don’t care that my phone is getting outdated. I don’t even go to to starbuck or other any stores like it. My dad is my driver. He brings me to school and else where. I can’t boss him around if I want to go somewhere. He is also working so I’ve got to consider his schedule. My car is a 2nd had 2003 Ford Linx. My mom is also so busy as well. I don’t have a maid. My mom does most of the house work but I do help out by cleaning the house and washing the dishes. I’ve never been out of the Philippines. Yes I am from the Philippines. I know that I’ll have my time to be abroad. Money just got to be saved.

What annoys me, they think and feel that they are so cool! Like #coolkid life.

So as you can tell, my life is quite different from theirs. It’s fine to me because I am satisfied. I can’t say that not all those who are from rich families falls into the category of feeling #coolkid. But there are really those who are bratty & spoiled. Who can’t even learn to appreciate things.

I had a personal talk with my teacher. She told me that I am not like my other classmates. They always complain and they don’t seem to be appreciative as much as I do. They don’t see the importance of things because they live such comfortable lives. I’m actually touched by that.

I am grateful that my parent didn’t indulge me with material things despite the fact that they can spoil because I am just an only child. But I can see that there are those with sibling who are way more spoiled than me.

I would really like to quote my dad’s line.

Don’t just spend and spend. You’ve got to save

I live by that quote. I really consider how much I spend on food and on anything else.

In my family, whenever we buy something, we’ve got to consider its price, its quality and its long term usage. We don’t want whatever we buy come to waste. As we are about to buy something, we think first if we really need to buy that material when in fact it could available at home. [Like in this recent scenario. I thought of buying a new notebook. Then I thought about the excess papers from my old notebook. So I compiled the excess papers to make a new notebook. Like why do I need I new notebook when I could make a recycled one?]

And through my parent’s example, they taught me that a materialistic life doesn’t matter. Being a kind- hearted person matters more.

I am grateful that my parents spend their money for family outings than material things for it is more important. We’ve got to see the essence of spending time with our family and making memories with them. I’m happy that my parents are investing more on that.

Through my parents influence as well, my parents taught me to charitable as well like by giving the things I don’t use such as clothes to the people who might need it.

Despite that I am surrounded by the so called, popular people/rich kids/ feeling cool kids/ spoiled/ and whatever labels that can be given to them, I choose to live a simple life. I told myself, if ever I earn and go far in my career, I will still continue to live a simple life.

Also, don’t hesitate being a simple person. We should be an example to those who have been indulge to a materialistic life, to change their lives.


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