Be Yourself

Be yourself? But what does it take to be yourself? How can you be yourself when you are still getting to know yourself? Figuring things out? It isn’t easy.

Everyday is a journey of knowing ourselves. It is important to know ourselves so that we can be vulnerable to whatever comes to us such as peer pressure, judgment by close – minded people, and etc.

You don’t have to be like everyone. Don’t be the person you know you are not. Stick to your own style like in terms in clothing and etc.

Don’t do things to impress but instead do it to express yourself.

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You are unique. There is no need to copy. Be happy on who you are.




2 thoughts on “Be Yourself

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  1. Loving yourself first is both freeing and demanding. It demands strength because you have to accept your flaws, some of which you probably can’t change. You have to smile when other people criticize or judge you and – actually – not care. You have to know WHO you are and trust that and don’t listen what others have to say about WHO YOU ARE.
    But once you do all that, You’re the happiest person in the world. Because you can surrender and let go of all your insecurities, accept them and let them be. You can be at ease with your self and have inner peace.
    Hope we all realize the real gems we really are.

    God bless you!

    P.S: Pink’s song “Perfect” came up as I was writing this comment 😛

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