Realizations of Being a Blogger

Last June 2016, I randomly opened this blog. Then eventually, I started to make several articles in one go. A lot of things runs inside my head and it is through this blog that I get to share and express them. I didn’t have views and followers as I started because I wasn’t engaging as a blogger in the beginning. I was still figuring out how this blogging world work. I also opened this blog prior when my class was about to start last year. I never thought that I can make number of written works in a year. and that my works are actually an eye opener to the public. I never thought that I can actually make poems. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly poetic before. Being able to write poems here was eventual. I was also inspired by my friends’ literary talent and also by certain bloggers here. I never thought that my works can be entertaining enough. (Well basing from the comments I’ve been receiving. šŸ˜› ) Most of all, I never thought that I can actually inspire people who I even don’t know through sharing a part of me through writing.

While I’m touching lives out there, I’m also touch by the blogs of other bloggers. I’ve visited a number of unique blogs. Each blogs have a different kind of approach and a different kind of concept. But there is this one thing is common, that is the passion. Bloggers are consistent with their post because of their passion. Because of the passion of different bloggers, I am touch as well. I’ve been reading different stories and getting different kind of emotions from different bloggers. I realized that there are so many bloggers who go through a sort of similar kind of life. I realize that there are so many bloggers like me who are finding out their way in life.Ā Reading different testimonies make me say, “Oh! I can really relate to this person. I’m not alone after all”Ā 

To those blogs I followed, I’m looking forward to more. To my followers, I will continue to do what I am doing. That is writing. šŸ™‚ We are in this journey together.

Thank you and I love you! ā¤

Please also take time to read my other post as well. It will surely be appreciated. Thank you!


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