POEM// More than just being quiet

At first

Known to be quiet

Can’t deny it

Being so

A torment

or a compliment?

Hmm.. Maybe both


I was like that

Maybe until now

Then so what?

I’m a person to be wowed

I ‘m reserved

Not as much as before

I’ve begun to soar

For I can be more

Looked down upon

For being withdrawn

That’s what I am

Oh Goddamn

That does not make me less

Fix the close-mindedness

Mind you

I have a lot of friends

For a not- so- people person

Anti-social I’m not

Oh What did you thought?

I’m just more drawn to myself

That solitude I find

Self-awareness deeper than yours

A very shy person I once was

Tried to open up for a greater cause

Took courage to get out

Bravery I’m all about

This introvert here

Getting farther than you know

More than just being quiet

So full of potential to shine



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