Defying the Odds

It is now July and it is the start of the 2nd of 2018. The first half were not the best. I am going to a new school a month from now.

My friend recently asked me what was my average. I said, “89.” Then she said, “So close to 90.” Yes I know! I actually wanted 90+ but considering what I’ve been through, it is already good enough. I actually expected worse.

Then my friend asked me, “How did I do it?” I said, “I don’t really know. God is just so good.”

I don’t know how teacher compute our grades. Just like everyone else, there were exams that I badly failed. Still defy the odd of my unexpected average.

My friend asked me, what were my study habits. I said that I take a power nap in my car as I go home so that as I reach home I am energized to study. I’m a forgetful person so I have a to do list. I take power rest when I get too tired of studying. I too listen to music.

Traffic in my city is getting worse so I end up going home really late. And the education system in the Philippines is really bad. Everyday starting with a 7:30 class, then ends at 4:30 goes home as late as 6 or 7 because of the traffic, then sleeps at 10-12 just to finish the never ending deadlines. This schedule is very inhumane. I end up getting so sick, my mental health is being wrecked, then there goes the pressure of maintaining the grades, dealing with family and other people as well. This is all too much. I did mention also that I am anemic, making things heavier for me.

I still defy the odds. I was focusing on my goal. So no matter the circumstances that are bringing me down, I still worked hard. No matter the how many exams I failed, I studied as much as I can. Take it from me, “Do your best! Even though you feel like giving up. Who knows you can still make through? Don’t let the bad stop you. Use it as a motivation. At the same time, learn from your mistakes.” 🙂 


What we can learn from bad experiences

I do believe that we all had our lowest points in our lives. May it be, family dispute, low grades, miss-out opportunities, having to say goodbye, being bullied/brought down, anxiety, depression, failures, etc.

My lowest points in my life was 3 months ago. Though it maybe quite sometime already, I still deeply hurt by it. I may now have a blurry vission of what happened, but I can still feel it’s pain. I am still holding feelings of anger, regret, sadness and the like.

Going through a hard times is hell but these are the moments where I learned the greatest lessons

#1. Know your self-worth and affirm it – hard times goes with along with so much self-doubts. But you can’t always have to beat yourself.

I was being talked behind my back. It hurts so much and I loss confidence. I force to tell myself that these people don’t know what they are talking about. It made me determined to surpass them so that they will take back what they said. (Lesson #2)

#2. Make it your determination to do/ make your life better 

#3. Your hardest moments are your greatest lessons. 

#4. Learn from it

#5. It is okay to cry about it

#6. It is all temporary

#7. Things will be better

#8. Still keep on moving forward

#9. Stand tall no matter what

#10. A bad past won’t measure who you are/ what will you become/ where you will be. – Not even a bad grade

#11. Congratulate yourself for being courageous

#12. You are becoming an inspiration 

#13. Not everyone will understand you at this point in your life and it’s okay

#14. Real friends will be there. Know who they are.

#15. You will never walk alone.

#16. Help is there.

#17. Express your struggles to your most trusted friends

#18. It makes you stronger

#19. It open you to new chances and opportunites

#20. Above all, God will lead the way

I was at my lowest point few months ago. I even question if God is even there. When I look at it now, it all makes sense. Things are falling back to place.



What is it Like to Have a Mom who is a Teacher

My mom is a college teacher and I am blessed to have her. Being a daughter of a teacher, I know more the struggles of a teachers than my peers. I’ve seen the behind the scenes of a teacher through my mom. Now I am going to share them to you. I’ll also include what is like being a daughter of a teacher.

  • People think my mom tutors me – No that is not true. I study on my own. She is so busy to have time to tutor me. But whenever I need help and I believe that she can help me, I go to her. 🙂
  • My mom is a teacher in the campus; a mother at home – An entire day of teaching is really tiring and my mom has to attend to me as she gets home. She is juggling her duties as a mother and as a teacher.
  • I always see my mom working on paper works – She checks her students papers even on holidays. Teachers have deadlines too. ✍️
  • My house is filled with reference books, notebooks, papers, and school supplies – Duh my mom is a teacher. 📚
  • In times I’m required to have this specific material, I can just ask her. – I can ask a folder from her
  • I’d would see my mom receiving gifts on Teacher’s day, Valentines, Christmas, and etc. 🎁💐
  • My mom would lecture me on the field of education – she would talk to about research, courses, etc. I get to explain to my friends what I learn from my mom.
  • My mom’s students would ask me if my mom is strict & tell me how good my mom is as a teacher
  • I can freely rant to my mom about certain teachers and the education system – Because my mom is a teacher herself. I rant to her about memorizing outweighs understanding. Good news, she doesn’t like it either.
  • I can see the flaw better in the education system
  • I reuse/ recycle the used papers, folders, envelops, etc. of my mom’s students ♻️
  • I witness the used test papers and such being thrown away – so heart breaking. 💔
  • I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a teacher – It really is a struggle
  • I go home late – I have to wait for my mom to finish her tons of stuff to do. She goes home late if her students pass their requirements late. Please don’t pass your requirements late. Thanks!
  • I witness the passion of my mom in teaching – Even though she is tired already, She just loves her job.
  • There is no escape once I have a bad grade –  My mom knows the grading system.
  • I witness my mom caring about her reputation even outside the house – She has to be a good role model
  • I witness how my mom has inspire lives
  • There are times wherein I am forced to go to my mom’s office because she still has stuff to accomplish – This is in times when I have no classes.
  • Whenever people realize my last name, they will recognize that I am my mom’s daughter
  • If ever I’m in trouble in school, teachers can just contact my mom – Actually, my mom used to teach in my school but she transferred to another school long time ago. But I’m under teachers who are apparently friends with my mom. So I can’t fool around.
  • I was once told, “You are smart because your mom is a teacher” – What does that have to do with my mom? 🤔
  • I feel like a celebrity whenever I meet my mom’s co- teachers
  • I join my mom’s co- teachers in meals – There are times wherein I get free food.
  • I find it entertaining when I see my mom scolds a student. 😁😁
  • I better do my homework
  • I have developed a huge respect to teachers out there

It’s so amazing to have a mom who is a teacher. Yes, she may go beast mode as she reach home but in the end of the day she is still passionate in teaching at the same time a loving mother to me.

Please don’t take your teachers for granted because it is not only you who they are attending.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. “For the mind does not require filling like a bottle, but rather, like wood, it only requires kindling to create in it an impulse to think independently and an ardent desire for the truth.” — Plutarch

I hate it when teachers give us exams too knowledge based. In order for a student to pass the exam, they have to know the exact knowledge the teacher has. With this, students can’t learn whatever knowledge their teachers share to them in their own different ways. What comes out of our mind when it comes to the school system is memorization. It is not like we are going to carry whatever we memorize in our school days in our working fields. Only a few percentage of that memorization will be applicable in every individual working profession. If teachers makes us memorize, may it be sensible and applicable. May we draw connections in whatever we are memorizing to real life. STUDENTS SHOULDN’T BE PLAINLY MEMORIZING.

That Annoying Spoiled Brat

That kid though. She is only grade 1 or 2 but still…

When my friends and I were chatting in a chilly afternoon, there was this random grade 1 or 2 girl who asked for money. She was asking for 800+ for a notebook and a pen in the book fair. We told her that we don’t have money. She was insisting on buying that notebook. That notebook was big and it is for her tutor. According to her, her tutor writes a lot of stuff on her notebook. She said also that her parents would not let her buy that notebook because it was too expensive. Exactly! Yet, she insisted on buying the notebook. We told her that she can get a cheaper notebook instead. We also told her that she can buy that notebook somewhere else. We got so annoyed. No matter what, she still insisted on buying the notebook. We all got irritated in the end.

What happened got our attention of how spoiled she is. To the girl, I know that you are so young to understand the value of money and the value about simplicity and joy. I hope this experience will make you learn the ff:
1.) You can’t get everything you want
2.) It is hard for your parents to earn money. The best thing that you can do is not to be a brat.
3.) Appreciate what you have. Be simple. Don’t live in a world of Materialism
4.) Be wise on what you spend on. Spend your money on more practical stuff. Every day, there are so many things to be paid.
5.) Know the difference between a need and a want.
6.) There are so many people who are struggling for money. Don’t just ask a huge amount (like 800+) out of nowhere. This is our way to give justice to the poor.

We are so irritated of what happened. We did what we could. It is up to her now. May this experience open our minds to what is happening to the younger people (like that girl) of today. We can’t tolerate seeing kids growing up like brats. Let’s hope that things will change. Especially to that spoiled brat who approached us.

Speaking of grades

Strive for excellence not perfection. I don’t really stress myself about getting perfect in all exams. I’m an imperfect person in the very first place. I care about doing my part as student and doing my best. I still want to learn in the long run. Not on what is in the textbook alone. I would want to to learn life lessons that will make me an open person. I care about learning more than the grades. Because grades don’t necessary define how smart you are. You don’t come to school to be on top of your classmates. You come to school to learn applicable lessons (not all lessons may seem applicable, but still) that will not make you an ignorant and close minded person in this planet. There are so many ignorant and close minded people in this world but one’s education will surely make a difference. Study hard no matter what.

I wrote this when I was fighting for my grades

Message to those struggling when it comes to their confidence & insecurities and to those who have goals in life

It is a matter of getting to know yourself and being about to embrace the things about you. Hone the great things about you and from that your confidence will eventually shine. It is also of how you carry yourself and don’t think less of yourself. As much as possible, don’t compare yourself to others or the more you feel insecure. And if ever you would want to reach something, try to think of the possibilities of you achieving it. Everyone is meant to discover their paths and passion. As time passes by, make a name for yourself. Continue what you are doing because one day you will be out there and you will be looked upon. No doubt! 🙂

PS: Insights I’ve learned through years of perseverance and moments of hardships.

I’m Selective To Whom I Go Personal With

I’m an expressive person and you can see you through my blog. But when it comes to more personal stuff, I am selective to whom I share it to. I don’t trust people because majority are so fun of gossiping and I don’t like it. So if I want to express something personal, I am selective to whom I share it to. I tell it to someone I trust. I tell it to someone who understands “it is just between us” and who knows when to keep their mouths shut. To those people who knows me personally, you are lucky if I tell personal things to you because you are one of the few. Whenever we have to share something personal in class, I don’t go to detail. Why? I don’t like people to start a rumor to something they don’t know the entire story. I don’t want to share deeper personal things to those people who fails to fully understand for they can’t empathize genuinely. There are only a few out there who do. What I sad world!

So if ever you want to share something personal to someone, be selective. Tell it someone you trust. Someone who knows confidentiality. Tell it to someone who actually listens at the same time understands and emphasizes with you. People can’t be trusted now a days.

If ever someone goes personal with, consider it a blessing that you are actually trusted to be involved and don’t ever break that trust.

Know how to be prudent when you go personal with someone, vice versa. 🙂

Realizations of Being a Blogger

Last June 2016, I randomly opened this blog. Then eventually, I started to make several articles in one go. A lot of things runs inside my head and it is through this blog that I get to share and express them. I didn’t have views and followers as I started because I wasn’t engaging as a blogger in the beginning. I was still figuring out how this blogging world work. I also opened this blog prior when my class was about to start last year. I never thought that I can make number of written works in a year. and that my works are actually an eye opener to the public. I never thought that I can actually make poems. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly poetic before. Being able to write poems here was eventual. I was also inspired by my friends’ literary talent and also by certain bloggers here. I never thought that my works can be entertaining enough. (Well basing from the comments I’ve been receiving. 😛 ) Most of all, I never thought that I can actually inspire people who I even don’t know through sharing a part of me through writing.

While I’m touching lives out there, I’m also touch by the blogs of other bloggers. I’ve visited a number of unique blogs. Each blogs have a different kind of approach and a different kind of concept. But there is this one thing is common, that is the passion. Bloggers are consistent with their post because of their passion. Because of the passion of different bloggers, I am touch as well. I’ve been reading different stories and getting different kind of emotions from different bloggers. I realized that there are so many bloggers who go through a sort of similar kind of life. I realize that there are so many bloggers like me who are finding out their way in life. Reading different testimonies make me say, “Oh! I can really relate to this person. I’m not alone after all” 

To those blogs I followed, I’m looking forward to more. To my followers, I will continue to do what I am doing. That is writing. 🙂 We are in this journey together.

Thank you and I love you! ❤

Please also take time to read my other post as well. It will surely be appreciated. Thank you!

Don’t Hate The Experiences That Shaped You — Thought Catalog

Don’t hate your heartbreak. It made you stronger. It made you wiser. It made you more discerning in your choices. It made you realize that your future is not tied to anyone who leaves and you can survive even the toughest and most painful heartbreaks.
Don’t hate your mistakes. They were turning points. They were important lessons you needed to learn. They don’t define you. You don’t have to always apologize for them. They belong to your past. They were decisions made out of fear, out of inexperience or maybe out of love. They’re stepping stones to rise above the person you once were. They taught you how to move on. How to be better.

Don’t hate the darkness. The lonely nights. The tears. The agony. The nights it seemed like everyone was living while you were slowly dying. Your darkness made you fight for the light. It made you work on your art. It made you get rid of your ego and ask for help. It made you appreciate things you took for granted and it showed you that there’s so much light in vulnerability, in letting people know that you can’t always be strong and it showed you that there is always a way out of the darkness as long as you choose to do something about it, as long as you choose to find an exit.
Don’t hate your choices. Don’t hate your decisions. Even if they were wrong, even if you think they ruined your life and even if you feel like you will never be able to bounce back from certain falls. Maybe some things are meant to be left alone, ruined or broken so we can move on. Maybe some things are meant to fall apart without falling back together. Maybe our bad choices don’t need to be corrected because they will still be bad choices. Maybe our bad choices are exactly what we needed to learn how to let go and learn that we don’t always know what’s best for us.
Don’t hate your journey. It’s what made who you are today. It’s what urged you to either follow your passion or change your life drastically. It’s a reflection of everything you’ve accomplished and everything you’ve endured. It’s your story and every good story has ups and downs, every good story has a villain and a hero and every good story embodies a difficult journey before you get to the happy ending, it includes moments of despair and darkness before you see the light.

via Don’t Hate The Experiences That Shaped You — Thought Catalog

I’ve just got to reblog this. It is such an amazing written piece. This should be an everyday reminder to all of us.

Be Yourself

Be yourself? But what does it take to be yourself? How can you be yourself when you are still getting to know yourself? Figuring things out? It isn’t easy.

Everyday is a journey of knowing ourselves. It is important to know ourselves so that we can be vulnerable to whatever comes to us such as peer pressure, judgment by close – minded people, and etc.

You don’t have to be like everyone. Don’t be the person you know you are not. Stick to your own style like in terms in clothing and etc.

Don’t do things to impress but instead do it to express yourself.

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You are unique. There is no need to copy. Be happy on who you are.



“It really depends on how you are raised.”

One day, I had an interview with my guidance counselor. She asked me, “Oh, so you are the only child. They say only – child(s) are spoiled. Is it true?”

My response, “It really depends on how you are raised.”

I really got her reaction. So she asked me how I was raised. I told her that I don’t get the things I want right away. I also told her that I don’t really ask for clothes. I ask for clothes when I outgrow them or I don’t have a prescribed clothes for something. Plus, my aunties abroad always gives me blouses.

My dad told me, “Don’t just spend and spend. You’ve got to save.”

I seriously don’t want to be spoiled.

I being in the middle class realize that I can’t just get whatever material thing I want. I’ve got to live simply because I am more than blessed already. There are those people who don’t have the need that I already have. My parents’ generosity to others inspire to me to live a live of charity, simplicity, and humility. Understanding my parents’ past from being to where they are now has opened my mind and my heart.

Yes, I am the only child and I am not spoiled. It really depends on how you are raised. Whether you are being indulged by your parents with material things or not. It really depends. It really depends on how you live your life.

PS: Okay, I maybe spoiled when it comes to food. But hey, food is a life necessity. But with material things, not so. I’m spoiled when it comes to getting their attention. I just want to express my affection towards them.

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